Just rode a tarck century

For the first time. Up the west side highway to 96th street, then back down Central Park West, 7th Ave, then Broadway.

It was cool.

Actually the best part was the west side highway, which is a bike path along the west side of New York, was pretty much deserted, so I really got into it, kind of just relaxing and spinning, which is hard on the streets. And as I went up, the different scenery all reminded me, all nostalgicy, of things from my past, which was pretty cool.

One of the best rides I’ve done ever.

way zen :colbert:

i hope you mean that this is the first time you’ve ever ridden exactly 11 miles.

tarck centuries are probably the lamest thing evar.

This ‘tarck century’ bullshit is tiresome. Almost as lame as ‘Kilometers’.

i’m kinda stoked on tarck centuries

I like the tarck century standard. So long as we don’t start measuring everything in those units. It would be a good ride/race at tarckprom. One way, straight shot. Some people could race it and others could just cruise. There would need to be good beer at the end.

By the way, a metric tarck century is 17.7 km.

To be honest, I’ve actually been wondering about this.

I did 1.5 tarck centuries the other day it kinda left me wanting so much more.

tarck centuries, when you take out the tarck make me feel good about about myself. in spirit of the previous thought, i rode nearly a drunken century.

i may end up doing a true drunken century on ragbrai.

Should we specify that a tarck century is only valid if ridden fixed on risers (maybe include untaped track drops)? I feel like it’s kind of meaningless if you do it on a geared bike, or with reasonable handlebars.

flat bar count? also wondering about bmx bars

flat bars are cool. I don’t know about BMX bars. They put you in a more upright/hybrid kind of position. Seems like that would make the ride more comfortable. Tarck is not about comfort. Maybe if you combined it with a plastic bmx seat and no foot retention we would have something to work with.

Next weekend I’m riding 9 tarck centuries.

By adopting this measurement system it is praised from a lot of people, saying that “Advance ahead by a big stride through a small bicycle gaming” Not only a diminutive person but also a Zombie height person is ridable 17.7 km good-looking and go pillow-balls!

i have no idea what you just said

Tarck PBP


I did about 6 tarck centuries yesterday with some awful wind.

My Son and I just finished up a tarck century on our tandem! First time on a real road as well.

I’m very proud of him

I even reached a point where I could relax my death grip on the bars. He’s not throwing his weight around as much and is starting to balance.

I’m very proud of him

inspired by this thread, and wanting to please :bear: i went for the perfect tarck century. complete with risers, no brakes, useless bag and traffic. and exactly 11 miles