Kelly to come back.

Not sure if this is old news but apparently Chris Kelly is coming back. I doubt now is the best time to stage a comeback to the frame selling biz but it’s good news if you always wanted a knobby-x or “take-offs”.

Only a few of the frames have prices so far.

anybody ever used take-offs?

I’ve used those Suntour thumb shifter things that mount at your brake levers. They were kinda cool.

Poor man’s brifter. I always thought that setup looked a little awkward, both to use and aesthetically.


Suntour Command shifters is what I was thinking of.

poor-man’s brifter, yes. But you get the advantages of an indexed bar-end (super-simple, practically indestructable mechanism).

Those look better than what I was referring to (whatever it is that’s listed on the Kelly site). Still, seems like the suntour ones might get in the way when sprinting or climbing out of the saddle with your hands on the hoods, though maybe I’m wrong. They seem to be worth a try, though.

touring dudes seem to like take-offs, so it seems like sprinting is never really much of an issue.

I thought this was going to be about Sean Kelly returning, magically, to cycling.

This is good news. I love my disc only Knobby X cross bike the relatively short time I have owned it.

I was confused… I have a friend named Chris Kelly , but he doesnt ride a bike…

Nice rig bigmatt.

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[quote=crushkilldestroy]Nice rig bigmatt.

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i see what you did there… clever

[quote=deermatt][quote=crushkilldestroy]Nice rig bigmatt.

Shut up deermatt.[/quote]

i see what you did there… clever[/quote]
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there’s a kelly f/f/hs/custom stem on pdx craigslist for a good price