Kind of cross posted but...what's a good deal for a late 80s Merckx?

I have a chance to buy a late 80s Eddy Merckx with a full Dura Ace group. I don’t know what the guy wants for it yet but will find out tonight after 7:00. When I saw the bike it looked like it was in awesome condition. I want to be able to flip the bike if need be if it doesn’t fit me well, which it should.

Sooo, what would be good price?

The guy isn’t the original owner and he got it for a good price(not sure what) at a garage sale.

But to shine some light on the story behind this(if you didn’t read it in my post about the Battaglin)…I went to a garage sale about a month ago and bought some bike parts from this guy. He said that he had an Eddy Merckx and his wife pushed him to show it to me. He did, said it wasn’t for sale and I told him to let me know if it ever was without leaving any of my contact information. He posted this IN THE SPORTING SECTION on craigslist recently…

I very rarely check the sporting section.

Sorry to cross post but I’m just trying to get this figured out before 7:00.

Thanks for any help.

there’s lots of merckxes and lots of DA

DA 7900? DA 7-spd? tubing?

but any way, i’d guess you’ll be getting a deal. i’d let him name the first price, atmo

mannnnn fuck youuuu share the wealth

[quote=toast]there’s lots of merckxes and lots of DA

DA 7900? DA 7-spd? tubing?

but any way, i’d guess you’ll be getting a deal. i’d let him name the first price, atmo[/quote]

I have no idea what DA or what tubing it has. I lack a lot of information and didn’t look THAT closely at the bike. I’m just doing my best to get a ballpark idea.

well anomaly just bought a NOS frame/fork for i think 1000 or 1200. but its one of the super-duper-uber-fancy ones.

i’m far from a merckx expert, but if it has an older (pre-STI) group i wouldn’t go crazy-high. 800ish? with STIs (even 8spd ones, for some reason 1st-gen DA STIs are really sought-after), maybe 1200?

ha, hopefully you get one of these

but there have been some less-than-amazing (but still, in general, fucking awesome) mercxk frames in the past, not even including the ones made by falcon factories.

^^^It’s not one of those. If I remember correctly, it’s a deep navy blue color and I think it also has some green mixed in there somewhere. I wish I had looked for some stickers…but it’s not like he has it listed. He wants to sell it to me. : )

yea. i’d guess you’ll get a good deal, just don’t think that dropping $1K+ will get you a guaranteed profit upon flipping.

There’s no way I’ll spend that much. I’m leaning more towards 4-500.00. At least that’s what I’m hoping and willing. I’ll shit my pants if I get it for that price…and then dance hard with shit in my pants.

I have a 55cm Corsa frameset w/ new record headset that I would sell for $450+ shipping.

In order of worth it would be something like this for used frames:
MX Leader - $1000+ for the frameset
Corsa Extra - $750 frameset
Corsa 01 - $650 framesest
Corsa - $450-550 frameset
TSX Century - $350 frameset

I talked to the guy and he doesn’t want to name a price until I ride the bike and see if it fits…but I think he wants to sell it to me. Oh my lord jesus. I go to his house tomorrow at around 6:00.

Did you find out what model?

It’s the TSX Century. So, for a complete bike…

If it fit me well I would spend 5 on it. I missed out on one for $275 complete at Cirque, it didn’t have a tag on it so apparently no one asked the price by the end of the day. My friend asked, the guy said $350, he said $250 and got it for $275. I was bummed I hadn’t asked earlier.

I’m going to see what he says.

If it was between a Battaglin with Columbus SL tubing or the Merckx and both fit well, which would it be? I’m asking because I don’t think I can keep the Merckx and build up the Battaglin at the same time. I want a bike suited for long, comfortable rides and I’ve heard varying opinions on TSX and only praises for SL.

I guess I’ll just wait to see what his price is. I wish the Battaglin was complete!

Edit: I know that’s a very subjective question.

I’m guessing that it’s the blue one…I don’t really remember. His buddy said that he had never seen an Eddy Merckx paint job that looked like it, so maybe not.

What size is it? just wondering if you do decide to flip it.

ride merckx, flip parts to battaglin, then decide which to keep.
ta da!

It’s a 62 cm frame.

^^^I like that idea.

Geometry will change the ride FAR more than tubing so don’t pay attention to that. I am inclined to say the Merckx is going to be the better long distance ride an the Battaglain is more suited for shorter faster rides.

That makes me want to keep both. We’ll just have to see.