knee painn...

im looking for some thoughts of encouragement… i just got on my bike again after not riding for about 3 weeks cuz i was painting it. I haven’t changed the gearing or anything but i was giddy from being able to get on the bike again and did a couple skids. i skid left foot forward and pull up. after sitting down for a couple minutes after riding, i notice the pain in my left knee. im pretty sure its from pulling up and stretching my knee. its a bit sore now, not that bad that its excruciating, is there anything i should do or not do? really hoping its not that serious

Stretch warm ups.

just ride a bit and you will be fine. You prolly just used muscles that were cold or hadnt been worked since you were on the bike last.

yeah, your down time is to blame, just take it slowly OR hit the aspirin…

Lets see pictures of the paint job

did you change your clips? foot position over the pedal can cause knee pain, but i assume you didnt change them… probably just an overstressed muscle or whatever


Also, if you painted it I’m assuming you took out your saddle and seatpost. Seatpost height could cause knee pain. If the pain is on top of the patella (feels like its near the surface on your knee cap) raise your seat a bit, if it feels like its further back, more inside or towards the back of the knee cap lower it a bit.

yea its towards the bottom, it feels like i stretched it. its feeling a lil better already though. and everything is in the same position, im positive, im mad anal bout the setup being right

try lowering your saddle a touch.
could be the pain was masked when your leg muscles were in shape and now that youve been off for a couple days its become more apparent. when I say a touch, 1/4" is like a mile in saddle adjustment.

…anal :bear:

[quote=“balonya”]yeah, your down time is to blame, just take it slowly OR hit the aspirin…

Lets see pictures of the paint job[/quote]

mine is the one towards the back, i also cut out some pictures from magazines and stuck em on the seat tube after

Skidding is bad for your knees. If you want to blow them out doing some lame fixie-trick, be my guest. If you want to save your knees, use the brake.

My knees hurt if I DON’T ride my bikes.

I hardly ever skid.

my knees begin to hurt during that day after i’ve been at my desk for hours. once i’m active though (ride home, walk to lunch, etc) my legs feel much better.

quarter inch is still alot of saddle adjustment.
you should be able to put your heel on the pedal while riding and your leg should be pretty much straight/all the way extended.
from that point you can lower or raise you saddle a few millimeters.