Knock off Hed3s and IOs

has these been posted yet?

Above the feeling!

Any idea what the price is? I would be all over a sub-$1000 iO track wheelset, which not be unrealistic if you see how cheaply you can get an Asian carbon fiber road wheelset these days.

This is kind of what I was alluding to in the Badass thread - this stuff is going to continue flooding the US market in the next year or two. Frankly, I’m surprised that it hasn’t already.

Made by Great Hung Sports Enterprise Promotion Co.,Ltd , apparently.

Also, this looks promising.

here’s the fgf thread.
Ordering a single 5-spoke looks like $708.
The disk apparently has a 200lbs limit so it’s not so useful for the track.

I wonder how the frame is too. The io is a lot cheaper than a real one but still nowhere near cheap enough for me to take a chance on it.

Yeah, that’s nowhere near cheap enough for me to take the plunge, especially when you can get a used trispoke on eBay for ~$250. The 200lbs weight limit on the disc makes me think it’s probably like my old HED disc - super flexy, to the point where a 130lbs rider (me) could feel it.

Any idea how much that “time trial” track frame costs? I’d also like to know the geo. If it’s really a time trial frame with track ends, it could actually suck on the track quite a bit.

Also, check out this Nimble Crosswind knock-off. I can’t help but wonder if they’re using the same molds and everything.

at that price, not interested