KPhomma you alright?

My heart jumped to my throat when I saw this Bike Portland article (, but calmed down when I realized Kevin was the second person struck and just had minor injuries.

I’m so sorry you had to be there and be involved in that, Kevin. I’m super glad you’re not in a worse position.

Edit: Just wanted to add that, like everyone else, my thoughts are with the family and friends of the man who was killed. Too much of this happening this summer.

Man, people are horrible.
Even in Portland.

Dude, I’m glad your ok. Sorry for friends and family of the cyclist who was killed.

So sad.

Shit. A silent sports legend in my area was just hit from behind and killed. The driver was a 24 year old mother who had turned around to scold her kids or something stupid, when she turned back around just in time to see a cyclist in front of her car.

I just saw that on Doug’s FB, made me jump a little. Glad K Phoms OK but so sorry for the other guy.



its all over the radio rite now. the reporter said that the two bikers (phom and dustin finney) were unrelated and did not know each other.

dont drive drunk
just dont


glad you’re okay


:frowning: but glad you are ok Kevin.

dont drive drunk
just dont[/quote]

This. Fuck people that make excuses.

So shitty that this happened, and i hope KPhomma is ok.

First off, my condolences to the fatal victims family and phew to KPhomma’s near miss. Secondly, the driver sounds like a model American. Driving an SUV drunk and previously involved in gun violence, then killing some pinko, Commie bike rider. In some states they’d probably give him a medal. Fuck this country sometimes!


Be well, dude.

I’m glad you were able to walk away from this one, Kevin. Be well man. May Tarckbear be with you. :tarckbear:

Yeah, this happened a couple days after a teen who was driving at night “closed her eyes for a second” hit and killed another cyclist. A sad month in Wisconsin.

Yeah, it hasn’t honestly been the best summer, or year for a lot of us. This is just pretty damn crazy, and only time can fix this, but only so much. I don’t know what else…

Good to see you’ve still got your fingers. Hope all heals well.

I’m sorry you had to be involved in that, dude. Terrible stuff. Heal up and let us know if there’s anything you need.