Krypto top 10 cities.


#2 :colbert:

holy shit. #10 here. it seems like all the cool places to live are on that list.

Man, I’m so happy to be moving to number two on the list.


the key to having a safe bike in philly is locking creatively.

I am a bit surprised about Tucson… shows what I know!!!

Portland’s #5 and Seattle isn’t even in the top 10? Weird.

It is a problem here in Portland. Lock your shit up right!

I’m impressed and embarrassed that Denver made the list.

i didn’t expect portland to be on there, i’ve accidently left my bike unlocked completely more than once downtown at night with no incident, not that i plan on making a habit of it

dang yeah interesting list this time.

having second thoughts about bringing my bike to philly when i go see some friends there…

the closest city to me on there is austin. ive ridden there before but on my ugly 20" 1966 fake-stingray schwinn typhoon beater.

one time i was with some kids up here in denton at the jazz fest and they locked their bikes to some of that orange PLASTIC fence stuff… . i was like. . .are you seriously going to lock your bike to that? so i wonder how much of it is people being stupid like that, or thieves being crafty.

i, on the other hand, hung mine up about 5 feet off the ground on a large metal sign and locked it to one of the posts with my kryptonite.

Just use a short shackle u-lock Sheldon Brown-style and you’ll be fine anywhere.

what’s the safest way to ulock ur bike? i have a mini and sometimes i can’t get both the seatube and backwheel in, so i just do the back wheel inside the triangle, good enough?

Yes. They’d have to cut something (the lock, your frame, your wheel (good luck on that one)) to get either your frame or your wheel. Locks are just a deterrent anyways.

Works against “real” bike thieves, not so much against crackheads.

Having lived in both, there is no way Philly beats NYC.

have you lived in philly in the past year?

[quote=“Oh No”]the key to having a safe bike in philly is locking creatively.
610 get them BURBS[/quote]
Come to Philly some time.

This why I want to move to Austin. SF is too high risk for my bikes.

wierd. I remember hearing about /knowing of a lot more dissapearing bikes when I lived in minneapolis compared to living in denver

gun wavin’ New Haven. Represent!

im sure Hartford isnt that much safer. just less riders probably.