Labor prices?

I’ve noticed much conversation around me in my life, elsewhere on the internet, and on here about bike shop labor prices. It would be interesting to me and maybe others to see what “reasonable labor rates” are to different people. Take into mind that this is what you would find reasonable at a bicycle shop from a complete stranger, no discounts for being a messenger, or because you can ride wheelies, or you once sat next to the wrench on duty at a bar and talked their ear off and you now incorrectly assume that you are buddies.
I’m imagining these prices to be the prices if the mechanic doesn’t run into anything super annoying just straightforward and no major problems come up.

Tube/Tire Change-5$
Chain Installation-5
Cog change if it’s not 3 years old and never had any grease on it and now won’t budge-5
Sealed Headset install-15
Loose Ball HS or BB Install-20
Sealed Hub/BB/HS-adjustment-10
Fork/Bars Cut-10
Crank Removal-10
Pedal Install-5

The list could grow but I’ve got to go. Oh and keep in mind I may have shot a bit high because I imagine the imaginary money going into my pocket rather than out of.

Standard prices around here…

Wheel truing - $10-20 depending on how far out it is
Wheel build - $20-40 a wheel depending on how excellent a wheel builder imagines themselves to be. The more expensive end usually includest atleast one true after the wheel’s built.

i do all my own work. my time is free.

Yeah, my time is worthless.

Those prices seem reasonable.

a friend of mine started working at a bike shop recently. he said he feels really bad sometimes at what they charge for shit, like he wants to tell them to wait to the weekend and buy him a six pack and he’ll just do it at home.

Those are really reasonable prices, Skip.

We charge a bit more than that at the shop I work out but at the end of the day we’ll have done some free/cheap labor and will do labor for some beer in the last hour. Works great for us.

Now, if I didn’t know this was for a primarily fixed gear shop, I might charge just a bit more than you, but for what you probably deal with mostly, I think you’re on the right track. Or tarck.

Those prices are more than fair. We get $8 at our shop for a flat fix, it still blows my mind how many people that ride bikes can’t/couldn’t bother changing their own tubes.

Sure a lot of repairs are quick/easy for an experienced mechanic, that experience adds value to the repair.

Sure a lot of repairs are quick/easy for an experienced mechanic, that experience adds value to the repair.[/quote]
Is that what they repeat to themselves as they change a flat for 8 bucks? :slight_smile:

Seriously, i agree with you.
No one forces them to pay anyway. They can learn, they just dont.
And where your shop is, i think they can afford it anyway.

I think with a lot of our customers it’s probably worth $8 not to get their hands dirty. That makes me sad. The $8 eases my sorrow.

Wait, they get dirt on their bikes?

Only the Tri geeks, bringing in bikes that smell like public bathrooms and whatnot. Don’t get me started on the DSOT charge.

when i worked at a shop…in 2005, we charged $15 for a flat fix

we were out in the suburbs and had to deal with douche-ass roadies all day…

no tri fahg butt fucks at the shop i worked at…

i guess 2005 was a long time ago, both literally and figuratively

That’s exactly what I figure. Our flat fixes are $5, and I think a lot of people would just prefer that we do it rather than mess up their clothes. For a lot of people, even if they know how to change a flat, they don’t do it well, so it’s probably faster and easier for them to drive their bike five miles to the shop, wait a few minutes until their served, and then another two minutes for us to change the tube, then it is for them to fumble with a bunch of unfamiliar tools and an old Schwinn pump in their garage.

I think that the prices you listed are pretty normal, although I would charge more for a headset install, and less for a basic hub adjustment, and a pedal installation (as long as removal doesn’t entail Looks or Crank Brothers with no grease on them and with no place for a pedal wrench) would be a minimum shop charge of $3.99.

40 bucks for a wheel build at revolution with lifetime truing. Gah.

The thought I was having was about the constant real world and internet gripe of “somebody with tools and knowledge and a business, (things i don’t have) charged me more than I would have charged myself(0$).” . Which is not only selfish, but speaks of how they really value their own time as well as yours. I imagine asking them something like this.

me- So you want me to do this for free for you?
me-Ok so by the way what do you do for a living?
them-I’m a prostitue.
me-Well cool, next time I’ll get to screw you for free.

But one unexpected lesson learned is that if people think our prices are in any way fair then we clearly aren’t doing our job as a boutique :bear:

7 bucks to change a flat at ours

or 20 bucks and you get free flat changes for the life of your bike