Lake CX403 US 10.5

Buy these brand new Lake CX403 shoes in size 10.5. These are Lake’s top of the line road shoes. Unfortunately the shape does not work for me and since I bought them from Asia a return is out of the question. I have the box too.

$225 ($549 new). If you buy in the next 2-3 hours they can be shipped today.

Just FYI if you buy these there may be some surprise tubed 650b tires in your package

^Just kidding

So nobody wants these fine shoes? They’re pretty amazing but they do not work for me. They are not very well ventilated so they will be good cold weather shoes if you put a piece of tape over the sole vent.

They’re lovely shoes in my size and I’d want them except that they’re 3-hole shoes and I’d have to rube goldberg them up to fit my atac cleats.

I mean I kinda want them but my feet are fussy and I’ve never tried lake shoes. Also I don’t have $225 to spend right now.