"Large" frame size question

Looking at a bike right now that uses the stupid S/M/L/XL sizing nomenclature.

The seat tube / horitzontal top tube length does as follows (in CM):

Small: 50/53
Medium: 54/55.7
Large: 56/57
X-Large: 58/58.5

Is it just me or does the X-Large seem a tad small? Wouldn’t it be in the 60cm range? It is a CX bike so maybe they are all a bit on the smaller side?

I’m thinking the Large would fit me but I am bit scared because I’ve never been a large anything in my life. I’m 6’ with a 33" in-seem and my current frame now is too small for me and measures 53cm from top tube to middle of BB.

Ugh, I should just get the Large…whats 2cm right? I call upon thee :bear: put my mind at rest…

What’s the top tube on your current bike? That’s the measurement you need to be looking at.

Measuring tape along the top tube from center of steering tube to the center of the seat tube of my current bike is 53cm

can you post a pic of your current bike?

i’m a little bit surprised that a 6’ tall person is on a 53cm bike, but i’ve seen sillyier stuff before…

That means the Large would have a top tube that is 4cm longer if I understand you correctly - a big change but then again 53 sound like it’s 2-3 cm too small.

It’s still a lot easier to force a too-small bike to fit than a too-big one.

Your best bet is of course to ride similarly sized frame in the same style of bike and see what works and what doesn’t.

S-M-L sizing can be a little weird! I am not really sure why bike company’s use it. I was told it was because production cost on carbon frames is so expensive, that it made more sense to have less sizes… That does not explain why my Aluminum Scatante was sold on the performance website as a Medium. The site listed that it had a 550mm top tube. When it showed up it had a 55cm sticker on the seat tube, and no matter what way I measure it I cant find a TT length longer than 54cm…

53cm bike I’m riding now… note the saddle to bar drop. I ride on up near the stem a lot because it is a poor fit. There would be more seat tube showing but its under the reflector.

I decided I am going with the large. The difference from medium to large isn’t that much and the frame pictured is definitely too small. Those extra 4cm are going to be very welcome.

That being said… anyone in the market for a 53cm frame for a conversion? I like this bike I just wish I fit into the frame.

How big is that stem? looks like a 100mm??? Seams like you could real in the fit with a longer stem and flip it up… I would think if the bike was really too small you would find that you would ride out on the horns, not up on the stem…

I was a little confused by that too. I’m a little over 6’2" and like bikes a little on the small side. My smallest bike has a 57 top tube. I have to run a 130 stem to make it work.