Large Poseiden Tracklocross

paul hubs laced to dt rr411 rims with reen hers barlow passes, set up tubeless
40x16 with 172.5 dura ace cranks that are slightly mismatched (nds has black logo)
basic saddle, seatpost, stem and 720mm low riser bars from my kona couchbike.
time pedals not included

$800 shipped


If anyone is like, damn, that’s too small, talk me into selling my XL

updated with actual pic and price.

$700 shipped.

I would also entertain the idea of selling the frameset plus cranks.

im gonna bump this because i need to get rid of most of my shit because the projects run too deep and are stressing me out.

ill still do $700 shipped on the poseiden and will include a carbon canti enve fork with purchase that i got from @halbritt and maybe a bag or two as well.

also will have the following for sale (pics coming this week):

-175mm slx boost cranks with 30t wolftooth chainring, ano stripped ala @Orloved and his magical drain crystals. - sold
-cheap tektro hydros that came on the kona doo. - sold.
-700c 142-12/100-15 bontrager disc wheelset with centerlock rotors

and if anyone is interested in my prototype pubes marino enforcer, im thinking about ridding of that one too. i cant stop building it up stupid and i need to be done with it. its essentially my size and im 5’11" with a 33" inseam. its beat as fuck but the price will be right and might be a fun project for bike nerd dork.

got a big bike box burning a hole in my pocket. make me ship something. two spaces after periods for life. dm any questions THANKS.



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Tell me more about this Marino.

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here’s what it looked like before i tore it down.

67 deg head tube, 24"ish ett, 420mm chainstays, non-boost, clears a 700x45, weighs a lot, paint is fucked, fork has rivnuts installed crooked, etc etc.

buy it with the bontrager wheels and get a screamin deal.


Ugh, don’t do this to me!
Do I need another sw8 hybrid?
I dunno, depends on how screaming of a deal I guess.
Would the rack be included?

Man, if this were able to be set up single speed, it wouldn’t even be a question.

no rack included. if i recall correctly, 39x22 was the magic gear with a lil slack.

this could be your trail hybrid. your DH hybrid.

$200 shipped for frame fork and probably some other bits., $300 shipped gets you bonty wheels too.

Is there a bridge at the chainstays to attach a fender to?

p sure yes. ill send you pics today.


Get that @igor co eccentric BB when it becomes available?

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Damn it jimmy!