large seagull black bag

I just ordered the large and Im wondering if anybody else has any thoughts on them or pictures of theirs?

I have a Seagull “Black Bag” and could not be happier.

Does it have a Chromeesque buckle so you can take it off without lifting the strap over your head?

no, it doesn’t.

also, i love my black bag. i got it before they had more than one size, but i believe it’s the same as the large. fits a lot and compresses nicely when not full.

Hmm…I really love that feature of my Chrome.

I Was Expecting Pictures Of What A Seagull Could Do To A Black Bag :frowning:

when you get it, if possible and worth your time, you should post pictures and thoughts! I have been lusting after one of these for awhile now.

I hope you like waiting! I have been waiting for my non black seagull bag for a month.

the black bag is a “stock” bag and doesnt have any custom options like yours. The wait is supposed to be like 2 weeks im pretty sure.

^^ this is true. if you guys want pictures of one i can do that tonight most likely, but they have them up on the seagull flickr or photobucket or whatever.

i fucking love my blackbag. it’s everything i need. 100% waterproof and bombproof. my favorite part about the entire bag is the strap construction and the beefy ass buckle. the buckle will not slip under any load. the bag is pretty much has all of the essentials (blinky light loop, REALLY comfortable strap, awesome buckle, a clip on the inside for keys, and a ulock holster). and the size of the bag is pretty much perfect (i got mine before they had the other size option and it’s around the size of the medium -2754 cu maybe a little bigger). this is the best bag for the money on the market for sure.

+1 to all of that, but the original size is the same as the large not the medium.

ah well that’s nice to know. i paid 95 for it too!

my buddy is waiting for one of these. it took 2 weeks to get an order confirmation, and then they said a 3 week wait - so that’s currently a 5 week wait if you aren’t a mathematician. and probably a 5 week wait for mathematicians too.

Same, and I’m about to move to portland where I’ll need it like EVERY DAY. It’s getting ridiculous.

Dam i had no idea the wait would be almost a month. Oh well it will be like a random present when it comes I guess?

The dudes (and dudettes) at seagull just moved locations across town after getting broken into on the south side. The waits on bags have been long recently because of this. They are great people and make great bags.

Worth the wait, fucking awesome baggage.

I ride with mine everywhere and couldn’t be happier, the buckle system is far superior to chrome, especially if you ever ride without a shirt. I did a 50 mile ride a few days ago with it packed full of shit. Comfy as awesome.

Bump from the grave! I’m thinking of ordering a black bag and I was wondering if the Medium will be much bigger than my medium timbuk2 has anyone compared the 2?

Size: 18.75" x 10.5" x 7.75"
Capacity: 1474 cu. in.

black bag
Medium: 24" x 13.5" x 8.5"
Capacity: 2754 cu. in.