Let's build my best friend a bike!

Okay so my best pal is definitely not a cyclist. But yesterday sends me an IM saying he wants me to build him up a bike. I guess the summer is pretty boring right now and he is out in the suburbs.

He doesn’t ride at all but when we talk about bikes he says his brothers “Free Spirit” (drop bars crappy road bike) was a lot of fun to ride. I am also thinking a metal rack / basket in back as he wants to use it to get small amounts of staple items (booze)

I have a few ideas (it should be cheap) as to just getting a junker off craigslist but I would love to hear some tarck bike opinions.

Pista Concept. Risers. Pink Arrospoks. 55/12 gearing. :colbert:

are we talking geared or fix/ss?

Either way, I think SS would be the way to go though.

3 speed? im kinda in the same situation. my girl wants a bike but wants a couple of gears to start out then maybe move into fixed/ss territory, so im thinking of building up a 3 speed for her.

Those hubs can be pricey IIRC. I am looking for easiest to maintain as we live somewhat further apart now so I won’t be tuning fixing it regularly.

yeah all the new 3s (nexus, sram) are pricey. im hoping i can find a prebuilt 27" or 700c that i can throw on a frame. NYC bikes has some for 130 or 150, i was kinda hoping to find something cheaper. im also not too sure about cable routing.

I thought I was your best friend? :frowning:

Finally the truth comes out. :bear: is your only true friend.

Old 3 speed SA hubs are pretty cheap (sometimes free) and they never really break.

A nice coaster hub would be fun too.

they just stop working sometimes…

if hes not much of a cyclist, some of the older road bikes with friction shifters can be a little confusing… ran into that problem with my girlfriend. fixed up a really nice 81-82 peugeot for her and she never touches the shifters.


So I decided I’m going to find any old 53 - 54 cm sized frame and just go from there as a single speed.

He wants to rattle can it forest green with a tarck bear stenciled onto it in light green.

Coaster hub is also out because one of his firm requirements in a bike is “the ability to pedal backwards”.

Anybody have any old frames of that size they are willing to sell?

Build me a bike.

Also, The front page needs to display more threads.



[quote=“Nonek”]Build me a bike.

Also, The front page needs to display more threads.



+1, 20 is too few for those of us who have to work for a living