Let's talk GPS

Has anyone tried the new Garmin Edge 800?

I’m getting pretty frustrated with my 605. I bought it so I could use it to map out and ride new routes with turn by turn navigation. So far it’s been hit or miss. Some courses/tracks/whatever load fine and work fine. I’ve had some amazing rides in the middle of nowhere on roads I’ve never seen. Other times it loads half a loop or less, takes me in all sorts of wrong directions and often down a side road and then back out to the route.

I never download loops I’ve already ridden, so I don’t care much about that feature.

Anyone have any tips or tricks for this? I can’t believe an $80 car GPS could do so much so quickly, and this thing can’t do the same.

I should note, I do not have the CityNavigator map. I’m using an opensource alternative. Has anyone used both and does it make a big difference?

Also, I’m using RideWithGPS.com to draw my rides. MUCH, much better interface than MapMyRide (one of the worst web sites I’ve ever seen, IMO).


im using the 305 and getting a lot of what you’re describing :frowning:

thinking of going with a 500?
the 800 looks pretty awesome though :slight_smile:

Where are you guys located? A turn by turn GPS that doesn’t come with a basemap is a tricky thing imo. I wonder if this is where many of your problems are coming from?

socal. yeah no maps for me cos of saving money.

That’s kind of what I’m wondering. I’ve been using opensource base maps, but if I buy the garmin map, will it change my world?