Linell x Eliminator

Does anyone have any info on these bags? Know anyone that has one? Seen one? I was just wondering. Probably no chance I’ll ever get one but I really like the design. Er. From a designy aestheticy standpoint. From a usefulness standpoint it looks okay but lacking in a lot of basic conventions for a bicycle messenger bag. But what do I know.

Hey des!

fixed your image for you.

And I’ve, never seen one.

all i see in that picture is really stupid pants.

The bag looks like something a design student made for a final project and therefor is gonna be pretty but useless.

Oops, sorry. Used HTML instead of BBCode. Fixed now.

UH I wouldn’t call Michael Linnell a design student. Look him up if you want.

Backpacks or bust.

you lost me at the mesh top. but i suppose anybody that actually buys one of those stupid things would only ride when it’s nice out.

Whenever I go #2, I call myself the Eliminator!

Ya I just noticed the mesh outer. I can see that sucking really fast.

So what you guys are telling me is that these only exist in Japan huh.

Okay, well, I just wanted to know if anyone had seen one. I don’t have the money to drop on a bag I couldn’t use 24/7 (due to the mesh), but it looks cool imo.

It’s stupid and so are you.


eh. that mesh is stupid as hell.

baileyworks for the win - mess bags and backpacks.

Er not to be all defensive or anything, but I live in the bay area, so there are a lot of bag options to chose from, I’m just curious about a bag I haven’t really seen anything like yet. I realize its impractical, I don’t have the funds or real desire to own one.

I have a Seagul bag, and its plenty for me at the moment. I’m not really asking for advice or what your favorite bags are.

But damn, see, now I sound all defensive. Whatever. Thread closed!

Er not really.