Look ma! No brakes!

So I’ve been riding brakeless now for about a month.
So far so good, I haven’t managed to kill myself.
However I do have one question:
How do you execute a hockey stop?

put a brake back on.

Real funny.

why the need for a hockey stop? i ride brakeless and rarely skid

Just for shits and giggles.
I usually don’t if I’m on the street. Cars seem to ride much closer behind you then they would another car.
And decelerating suddenly is not a good thing to do in that kind of situation.

It’s not really the same as a hockey stop. It’s more akin to drifting in a car. Start a skid and then swing the back end to the side. Easy.

That’s how I’ve been trying to do it.
But I haven’t been able to get completely perpindicular.

[quote=“FarAwayBoy”]That’s how I’ve been trying to do it.
But I haven’t been able to get completely perpindicular.[/quote]

That’s not really possible. Your front wheel would have to be skidding for you to be moving completely perpendicular to the normal direction of the bike.

Check out the macaframa video, they do the ass out thing.

I just resist, skidding and skip stopping and blah blah hurts the knee(s).

^ and resisting doesnt? thats why i put a brake on. simply resisting was killing my knees (well that, and i was tired of paying such close attention to everything that i couldnt ride as fast as i wanted)

…although i have really bad knees as it is…

Yeah, just jackknifing the back tire out is a lot easier than trying to turn the whole bike, although if you get good at one you’ll eventually be able to full-on brake sideways. The way I learned was to imagine that there was a soccer ball just behind my front foot. Try to kick the ball out with your rear foot without picking up the front one.

And I’d muuuch rather skid like a felon than resist all the time. A lot of effort every now and then is easier for my legs than a little bit of effort ALL the time. But everyones legs is different!

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No brakes? I’m htinking of adding two brakes to my bike. I’m also thinking of flipping the rear wheel to the single speed side. Take that.

m4bandit hates freedom

Look Ma:
No Brains!

No. I love freedom. Which is why I’m gonna rock the freewheel.

Duhzzzz. Don’t worry though. It’ll still be tarck as shit. I spent a long ass time sourcing old school Shimano 105 levers and paid up the ass for some NOS hoods in white too. Maybe some white brake housings, too?

I’m tempted to put an SS freewheel on my bike too atm.

Sometimes your knees just “kneed” a rest.

(That’s a little knee humor for ya.)

I wasted $20 on mine. It’s never been used, so I finally took it off for the weight savings. Might use it though as it gets closer to winter and I can use the lower gear ratio.

I’ve found that when I ride a freewheel bike and then get off and walk around, my right knee which I bashed straight on in a crash a few weeks ago, hurts like hell.
When I ride one of my fixed gears and then walk around, my knee hurts much less.
Very strange and counterintouitive.