Love for the Mountain Drops

I mentioned it in my “I’m way too excited about my new bar tape” thread, but these bars deserve a thread of their own. I’ve been pining for a pair of dirt drops for a couple of years now, and badly wanting to put them on my Rush for at least a year, but they’s expensive, and hard to find, so I finally bit the bullet and tacked them onto the last bike coop QBP order. I rode em for the first time today, and I flat out LOVE them. Every position is fantastic, flats, hoods and drops are all comfortable, and I especially love the wide flare in the drops. Basically they are everything I loved about the Major taylors, but they take care of everything that was lacking as well. As an unanticipated bonus it’s far easier to track stand on the hoods of these nice wide bars.



I’m sporting a pair of those dirt drops from WTB on my Cross Check, so far so good. I do wish that they had cable channels though.

I liked my dirt drops ok, but I switched out to Salsa Bell Laps. Still have a flair, but a bit more practical. During races, I never went into the drops on the WTBs.

I’ve got Salsa Bell Laps too on my Fuji Cross. I like them, but so far I like these better.