LPY Cycles

Has anyone heard of these frames?
The touring frame looks like a pretty nice bike for the price.

(Parts pictured not withstanding, of course)

damn $565 is a fuckin’ good deal for a fillet brazed columbus thron frameset.

i see it meets your minimal stack height requirements

But not by much.

no geo chart. “560 mm effective top tube length.” one size fits all?


So.many.braze-ons. DT shifter bosses AND head tube housing stops!

omg, cargo bike is like 570 shipped

pretty jazzed about that.

I really want one of these, I wonder if I can pay extra for custom sizing?

Holy shit you guys:



Nothing makes a better cargo bike than a sweet fixie.

^Yeah I’m confused about that.
Is it really supposed to be a sweet fixie or is it meant for an IGH?

That cargo bike’s wheelbase is wayyy shorter than i assumed from glancing at the frame.

i was stoked on that cargo bike when i first glanced at it…but now i think it’s pretty dumb.

Would be so much more awesome if it was built around using 20" wheels to get the center of gravity farther down.

[quote=Buffalo Bill]
Kinda want one of these for babby carrying. Looks a bit small though - as in I might end up smacking baby in the back of the head with the bars cos loooong stem. Hmmm, might think about it…

that looks like the colossi cargo bike, colossi is a manufacturer so I assume they actually make the thing…

That cargo bike is suhweet. Fillet brazed stem looks like it has potential, too: