So uhh… which chain lube do you like/use/reccomend? :bear:

the $3 one.

finishline teflon dry.



for chains, gold medal, for bearings and stuff phil.

whatever the lbs has

spring summer autumn: finishline teflon dry
winter: 5w30 winter synthetic (only thing that holds up to -40)

phil wood

[quote=“Teh Muffmuff”]finishline teflon dry.


Agreed, the best i’ve used

For basic assembly lube, the cheapest stuff works as well as the $8 Phil stuff.


I like to have a tube of pedros or park grease for threads and other shit and a jar of Dura Ace grease for bearings. I dunno of it’s really that much better than anything else, but the green color is badass.

Has anyone used the red stuff that Pro Link recently started making? We got some in at the shop a few weeks before I quit and I never got a chance to use it. It was pretty expensive and they made a big deal about it being the best.

And another +1 on finish line dry. Something else may be better, but since I started my 3 month chain replacement regiment, I don’t see the point is getting anything more expensive.

It is fun to use Phil tenacious oil every once in a while. Especially at night. It makes my bike so quiet it’s scary. And it helps keep the street clean by picking up all road debris within a 5’ radius. I bought the stuff thinking it was basic chain lube when I first started riding. I’ve still got the same bottle 5 years later.

Rock n roll gold.
local company. I have about 4-5 sample bottles from various events.

Anyone else use the wax lube?