MA-2 spoke tension question

So I built a front wheel with an old 32 hole MA2 and tensioned it to around 100 kgF, which is 10 kgF more than some random guy at the bike co-op recommended. Now that I’ve ridden maybe 300 miles on it, the brake wear on the rim is starting to look like a katana blade (pic). It’s clear that this is the resulf of the rim’s being pulled left and right by the spokes’ tension. Should I back it off a bit, or is this normal when building with old assed rims?

It doesn’t look like a katana because of the spoke tension. All wheels are like that, they get that wavy look because when the bend the rims into a hoop they crimp up. This is where machining a rim cones into play, machining takes the high spots off so you don’t get the wavy look.

Revendell on rims.

The low spots are right where the rim is being pulled by a spoke on the opposite side, all the way around the rim.

It’s normal.

Over-tensioned wheels will taco themselves. If it stays true, it’s likely not over-tensioned. Plus, 100kgf ain’t all that much.

thanks bros