make my apartment bigger (buy my stuff)

Hi I have a few things I don’t want anymore. Free shipping for contig-U.S. folks. Happy to post pics if there’s interest. Open to offers on most of it.

Axiom Panniers: $50 shipped
These ones. Haven’t used them much, in pretty good shape.

PDW Loading Dock rear rack: $55 shipped

Rene Herse Barlow Pass Tires (700x38): $110 shipped
These have like, maybe 150 miles on them. Not enough clearance on the new frame.

One (1) Conti Gatorskin (700x32): $30 shipped
I don’t know how I ended up with only one because I bought two. Anyways it has probably fewer than 100 miles on it as I bought it in March for commuting and then…didn’t need to commute anymore.

Suntour Cyclone 7000 FD (28.6 clamp): $20 shipped
Why did I buy this? I’ve never used it. Seems to be in great shape.

Swrve Indigo Cordura jeans (31x34): $20 shipped
Wore these for about a year. They’re faded, etc., but still have a fair amount of life in them.

Also have a handful of Schwalbe 700x28-45 tubes. Don’t really want to ship separately but if you’re buying something else and want them, let’s say $5 a pop.

Is that the Swrve sizing where the physical waistband is 15.5" across?

I could use the Suntour FD

Pretty sure that’s right but I’ll measure them in the morning and confirm! Shoot me a pm if you want that FD, I should be able to make it to the post office tomorrow or Thursday.

@JUGE_FREDD Confirmed 15.5" across. If I pull it taut so that the front/rear of the waistband lines up it’s closer to 16. I wear a 30 in almost every other brand FWIW.

Which casing?