Makeshift Tandem Idea

So, I have been contemplating this for a bit now, and I’m submitting it for all your disapproval.
I was thinking, If i snagged a couple old bikes, I could set em up tandem like, but leave the back wheel on the front bike and mount the back bike by the headtube swing bike style. That way both people could peddle and propel the bike. Also, any ideas about the practicality of makeshifting a tandem frame similarly to how one makes a tall bike, ie. cutting off the front 1/3 of the back frame and the front frame at the seat/chain stays and welding the back frame to the front with some extra support.
Thoughts? Has it been done? Will it work?

check sheldon. he’s done some interesting makeshift tandems.

Will do! thanks!


I"ve thought about doing that as well but I’ve never tried it. I think it would be kinda cool but I don’t think it would have the speed of a regular tandem.

here’s the link to sheldon’s site

babychris and i made a swing-ish tandem. it was temporary, we just did it to mess around.

we took the chain off my bike and put a front wheel in my dropouts. put his fork in my dropouts on the same wheel (had to sue a front wheel because of the spacing) and used a rear quick release to clamp it. it was a lot of fun to ride around the block. jack-knifing the tandem is sweet as balls.

I think i might just try it out, I think jgarcia and I might be venturing into tall bike territory in the next couple weeks, and while the welding is going down might as well give it a shot.