maps for biking

like many tarckers this summer, i wanna do some multi-day rides/bike camping/touring.

i would like to have some on-the-road access to maps, but am not sure of what sort of products are available – i got a fairly large fold-out oregon map, but that doesn’t really tell me much other than the relative position of cities and major highways.

what sort of electronic things are out there? GPS would be rad, but not entirely necessary.

thanks tarck.


fuck a data plan.

really tho, any other ideas?

I think your options pretty much work out as follows:

  1. Use your paper map and/or get a better / more detailed one
  2. Get a GPS with mapping
  3. Use a smartphone with location & mapping (i.e. iPhone, Droid, etc.)
  4. Ask bystanders for directions… “Yer gonna wanna keep a-ridin’ on down till you see ole Bessie, the Holstein… then take a right at the big oak tree… can’t miss it…”