Takes me to haro bikes 2006 about page…? What am I missing?

haro owns masi

whoah when did masiguy get hurt?

When did haro decide they didn’t want a website for Masi bikes?

Just a month or two ago I was looking at their catalog online.

iunno. maybe they’re doing a site overhaul or something.

Masi USA is now different than Masi Vigorelli…

Goddamn all these old names getting bought and whatnot is confusing.

Holy shit I just realized I saw that crash. It was at the track a little over a month ago. His bike was way tweaked. He got pinched on the rail, it was really bad.

i just bought a tomassini frame. whats the deal on these?

Masi page is back up. I’d own a 3VC Volumetrica 105 by now if they’d take their heads out of their asses and produce a 49cm. I have a Vincere for right now.