Matthew Broderick an OG?

I saw a photograph in a gallery today by Arnold Newman. Many of you other photographers will also know this man and his work. The image was of actor Matthew Broderick sitting on a fixed gear bike, with front brake and clearly had Campy sheriff star hubs and Campy track cranks. I couldnt tell what frame due to the lighting.
The image was taken almost 10 years ago. I cant find it online.

No word on whether or not Broderick is a strong rider or a chill guy but I plan to find out.

Can you take a covert pic? will reward you handsomely.

I could have cause no one was in the gallery but I didnt have a camera or even a phone with me. :frowning:

It seems he doesn’t own it anymore. From

Vehicle: Vespa scooters and an old-fashioned bike (with a straw basket) from Amsterdam

It also lists his hobbies as:

Hobbies: Spectator sports, bowling, paddle ball and pingpong

Isn’t paddle ball the bat with a ball connected to it with elastic?

That’s Blurnsball.


“baseball wasn’t boring…so they finally jazzed it up huh”

i love you

I found one of the long lost photographs.

ninjas don’t carry cameras, of course.
couldn’t you have just taken the whole thing with you… stealthily.

Or I could buy it for $8,000.
Maybe we could set up a tarckbike fund for such things.

we could get a grant for research into the matter

idk, here’s one of him with a bianchi milano though.


not quite


if i type Image does that count

guys I found it. here it is


Try this again.