Max PSI rims?

So I’ve been thinking of buying tubular clinchers for the velodrome they’re building here, but I need to find rims to match. Typical clinchers weren’t made to handle the 220 max psi of … te_jet.htm

Anyone know of any rims designed for higher psi like this?
Article regarding psi capacity of rims if you’re unfamiliar with the topic.

above 120psi is useless unless you ride on the smoothest of laquered wood surfaces only. outside on a concrete/ashphalt velodrome, 120-130 should be fine.
any decent rim (openpro,deepvee,etc etc) will be able to handle ~140


read the section on “pressure reccomendations”

also read the thread on max psi tyre

I’m pretty sure tufo tubular clinchers don’t put the full force that a clincher would at high pressure.

On the other hand. Those tires are basically wood track race only unless you can afford to buy 2-3 a year, have poor performance at the pressures that most people run on a concrete track and don’t really have many advantages. Just ride what you have when the track opens. If you like racing get some pro2rs or other nice road clincher and if you really like it get a separate set of (probably tubular) race wheels.

So yeah, it will obviously be an outdoor. Thanks guys. I like my Pro Grips, so I’ll take the suggestion.

Has anybody run a “tubular clincher” I installed some way back when I worked in a shop and remember they were a bitch to get on. I never had them on my bike.

Seems to me they are the worst of both worlds with out the benefits.

They aren’t hard to put on…

edit: at least the Tufo CX Tubular Clinchers weren’t. Haven’t ridden them, just installed them on somebody else’s bike.

I’m not sure but I think the ones I installed were UFO? It was in the late '80’s or early '90’s