McMahon Deltas

anyone seen these?
know where i can find 'em?

i like these too.

and these:

anyone seen these?
know where i can find 'em?[/quote]

I found this:
“Afterthought: MRC also made a road brake, essentially a CNC knock-off of the Campy Delta brakes. A friend of minde had them and they did look sweet- but the cable fixing bolt was on the back of the brake, i.e., you had te remove the brake from the frame or fork, reset the cable tension and remount the brake until trial and error got you at the right cable tension. All apparently in the name of a clean-looking brake with no protruding bolts.”

Looks like your only option would be ebay (and they probably wouldn’t be cheap). MRC has been out of business for years. Their ti stems were pretty hot way back when.


Perfect for the fixie rider who constantly claims that they “never use the brake, it’s only on there to keep the cops off my back”.

Those deltas don’t stop worth shit (I’m assuming the MRC’s stop about as well as the campy’s).


I don’t know, man. I dig the uniqueness and have respect for designs that attempt to think beyond the confines of the traditional box, but those are fugly. Then again, my background says this are teh sex… even if they do suck at their intended purpose compared to others.