Mercier assembly.

So a friend of mine who I got into fixed-gear riding is getting a 2009 Kilo TT tomorrow.
On the site it says they come 90% assembled.
What needs to be assembled when you get it? Just so I know what tools to bring over to his place.

15mm wrench, headset wrench and allen keys.

Minus the headset wrench all stuff that’s already in my bag.
Actually I don’t even think I have a headset wrench.

don’t forget to check the cog and lockring and make sure they are tight


yes yes yes, i did not do so and stripped most of the fixed side of the hub on day one.

Crap, I forgot. Hah. You might just want to get your buddy to go buy a new cog and lockring off the bat, those things are so epic shitty it’s not even funny.

I’ll just give him an old Surly 16 tooth I’ve got.
Bring the lockring wrench too.


Is the new Kilo threadless?
And yes, take it all apart and grease everything!

Pedal wrench? or a wrench that will fit in those shits.

the lockring that came on mine sucked, you might want to get a new one/better one

Yep. Just checked.
It’s 1.125" threadless.

an adjustable crescent wrench, set of allen keys and lockring spanner should do the job.

the seat post isn’t greased. grease it. i didn’t need a headset wrench…?

Framesaver, BB shell drain hole, grease everything (except square taper interfaces), likely need to center chainring.

nah, the site is wrong. i think it’s 1" threadless. the thread over at Brian’s Forums is very long, and super annoying now, but there is alot of info in there if you search it.

i wish they had this color when i got mine

My bud actually got that exact color.
And he wants some purple deep-v’s for it.

Wow, I guess it is threadless. No headset wrench then.

ETA: That color is sex.

that’s a nice looking threadless stem, especially to come factory on a kilo tt.