Mercier Kilo TT in the rain

i have a 60cm kilo with a rear fender. does anyone else with a kilo find that in the rain the downtube puts off a lot of spray? im looking to get a front fender for this problem. I rode to class today and got soaked from the knees down in snowy dirt. My old bike didnt have this problem, maybe its just because the angles are different.

just seeing if anyone else has this going on.
SKS raceblades?

That doesn’t really make much sense, but yes to Raceblades.

downtube is not a fender

your bike will rust so bad it will just crumple under the lightest touch.

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Worth repeating.

Only just barely fenders. Sadly, I think they may be your only option for clearance reasons, but I’m not 100% on this.

Only just barely fenders. Sadly, I think they may be your only option for clearance reasons, but I’m not 100% on this.[/quote]
they just barely keep the rain off on me, which is all i ask of a fender on my rain bike.

Fair enough. Definitely not a solution in snowy climates, the slushy stuff splashes all over the place, and when the roads are heavily salted it’s way more important to keep the wet nastiness off of your bike. Seriously, the liquids found on the roads in places like this were specifically designed to destroy bikes.

absolutely. I don’t have to worry about snow or salt at all.

Mostly my track bike stays inside when it rains. I don’t think I’d even have clearance for a race blade in front.

wait, why are you riding in the rain? we don’t do that here. Either drive your truck or hitch a ride. Fair weather cyclists only

Real Tark.

im pretty sure people go tthe cascadia road fenders to fit… from planet bike or where ever… the fornt needs to be cut, and rear one midified (with 23c tires im assuming)

ppl acquire bikes with gears, more tire clearance, and wider tires

embrace the stripes as your friend

One time when I was driving to the trick meetup spot with my sweet BMW it got rained on while on the roof rack. It seemed to cause my Oury’s to get pretty slippery when I got the bike down, so I got some lockon grips in case it happens again. That being said the Hometrainer tire laid down some phatty skids in the wet, so you win some you lose some.

Is this brian forums? All these threads about cheap-ass bikes. Someone post up some Cannondale love or some vintage Italian something-or-other.

a vintage Italian something-or-other is actually my rain bike. the kilo is strictly for snowy days.

oh well that excuses everything