Merrimore 'drome

Anybody on here ever ride on merrimore velodrome in the seattle area, I think its in bellevue but I could be wrong, there are like 3 cities over there that are basically one giant suburban sprawl.
Anyways, I have family over there and was thinking about maybe taking a couple trips over this summer and maybe snagging some lessons or something, any suggestions etc?

Marymoore Park is 2 blocks from my house. The track is open as long as the park is and anyone can ride the track. It is right at the end of 520. Check for info on classes etc. The FSA grand pix is held one Fri/Sat in the summer and is great to watch (beer garden and all)! Friday night racing is also cool to watch (that’s when the good people get on there!). I was hoping to get fit enough this year to race but having 2 kids under 2 years old gets in the way. I still go and take a few laps now and again.

are you required to take any classes before you can ride, or if its open, you just hop on that shit? im heading out there on the 31st, and their calender is blank…

I’m not sure what the requirements are for racing, but anyone can ride the track while the park is open.

dang, thats sweet. I’ll probably give it a shot and look like an uber noob. We should try and find a day when its blank to just get some people together and go ride there.

ill probably be there the 31st of may if i can find time. it would be awesome to possibly meet up and ride a few laps with some fellow tarckstarz.
the calendar on their site is blank for the 31st, as well.