Mesh gloves?

Are there still any brands that offer mesh style racing gloves besides the crappy Bell ones? I’m mainly looking for a cotton top and leather palm I guess. Nashbar seems to make a pair, anyone use those?

Just wondered if you guys used any and had any brands you liked.

Where did you get them?

If you go to a sports store you should be able to find gloves like that for weight lifting. I don’t know how well they will be padded but they should work okay.

Trek makes a really nice pair of crocheted gloves that practically every LBS should have. The Trek logo is fairly small and you can just black it out with some permanent marker. I also have a pair of these, which I really like.

Thats my problem, I hate logos haha. I’ll look into those, thanks.

Euro-Asia Imports makes a pair of fingerless mesh back, leather palms. They come in black or tan. I wear a tan pair a lot, which I love. Very old school looking, they were less than $20.

Rivendell sells a pair of the leather and white mesh gloves for $15.00 (, damn flash navigation means no direct link). They’re well made and have no logos. They do run kind of big though and the white picks up dirt like noones business.

hell of tan lines regardless

You don’t get tan lines in Portland.

I’ve got a pair by a company called “Airius”. They call it their “Retro Glove”. They’ve worked swell for me.

I got them at a local shop, but it looks like they can be found here and here.
Mine are black, but the tan looks sexy too.

Nice and cheap.

why? they don’t have a sun over there?