messenger bag, pannier, backpack and saddle bag talk


btw yes I painted that lock. Don’t make fun of me. :frowning:

looks like it would be quite noisy when riding over unfriendly terrain.

I like. It’s clearly a well thought out bag, a good in-between size for a saddle bag and quite stylish.

looks like a mid size ortlieb. awesome.

i quite like it. could it be too wide next to the seatpoast to accomodate my power legs?

how it says ‘safe’ ‘secure’ ‘locking’ next to each of the features, it should say ‘tarck’ next to the graphics/strap.

I am a big fan

i think it should be removable. it seems like a pair of scissors would be sufficient to break into it.

looks awesome, Mina!

I like the look of this. Does it fit a mini-u?

it should definitely be removeable, and the lock feature seems kinda ridic. Most tourists don’t use locks because they don’t want to give anyone the idea that there’s anything valuable in there.

I think the locking is not all that necessary. I think a good modification would be to make it removable with a strap that you could tie down your mini-Ulock nice and snug. If I were to use something like this for my commute, it’d probably go like this:
Stop, un-velcro strap my mini lock and lock up bike, then remove the bag and take it inside with me.

I really like this idea. Having a saddle bag that can fit a nice pair of shoes would be awesome.

i used to have to ride to work with a backpack on with a suit and shoes in it. with this i could have just worn the suit (and looked like a tool). i would have been a lot less sweaty.

You don’t gotta velcro and unvelcro your ulock all the time. just set the velcro to the right distance and unlock it to pull it out.

Mina is my personal hero

It’s mostly a deterrant. I’m thinking I’m going to double up the webbing to make it harder to cut. Point taken though, I’m well aware that it’s probably impossible to make a theft proof saddle bag.


Anyone want to talk about panniers? Or messenger bags that turn into pannierz?

Hey, that’s my bag! Am I going to be gettin’ some royalties off these things or what? I keed.

Actually, Mina is really great to work with on crazy bag ideas like I this. She took it and ran with it - the results are fantastic. And I’m glad it’s well received.

I do dig the idea of a removable bag that would fit nicely in a mini u-lock with along your bike. Mina, v2.0?

I lol’ed.

I want to talk about a messenger bag that has an insulated compartment for a camelback!!!