Miche 502 Pedals

I won a pair of these a few years ago and gave 'em to my girlfriend who never uses them. My Colnago needs new pedals and I’m thinking I might use these, even though they’re pretty heavy at 390g. Just want to know what people think before I start swapping cleats. Opinions?

They weigh more than MKS track pedals…what?? Maybe they’re really strong.

I had the supertypes. They were my first set of clipless road pedals. They were just so-so. Not the most secure feeling and kindof heavy. If I remember correctly the cleats wore pretty quickly too.

honestly i’m not expecting a whole lot out of them, decided to put them on the bike since i had them.

i don’t know why you’d make that comparison

apples and oranges

They’re the pedals I use. And I think they’re really heavy.