Microphone dyno wiring

Paging tarck dyno nerds, I’m going to be ordering some wires for the eLorry and at least enough of that Mogami unbalanced microphone cable to get free shipping. I’m going to hang on to enough for my current and planned dyno’d bikes, but for sure I’m going to end up with extra because there’s 50 ft of it in the shopping cart.

Who’s interested in some for my cost plus whatever shipping is? 2.8mm crimp connectors will also be available. That’s probably $0.30/ft of wire and $0.05/connector. Hit me up with how many feets you’re interested in.

If there’s enough demand I can order more than what’s needed for free shipping.

It’s this stuff here:

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In for 20ft and 10 connector sets (where 1 set is a male+female crimp end).

Double it


Updated the wiring price/ft (was $0.22, now $0.30). I was looking at the wrong thing in my cart.

Make it triple

I’ll take whatever’s left lol

I’d love like a dollar of connector sets as well.

triple it or whatever 10 and 10 works out to

Why use this over a stereo type with 2 separate wires in a sheath?

because you only need a positive and ground just like mono audio.

Fight the COVID boredoms by it being more involved to terminate

I may have grossly underestimated the demand for these things.

Connector quantities may have to be limited to 10 sets each (one male + one female), or less, because they were already purchased and there’s only so many to go around and I want to keep some for myself. The connectors I bought are linked below if you want more than that.

The wire order hasn’t been placed yet because the stupid four conductor stuff is still out of stock.

Please verify if my interpretations of your requested quantities are correct:

@jimmythefly - 20 ft + max qty connector sets (one male + one female)
@willie_dustice - 20 ft + max qty connector sets
@canti_lover - 20 ft + max qty connector sets
@Mister_Uncle_Rudy - Leftovers (better specify, there won’t be any)
@Crustradamus - max qty connector sets only
@jawn_doe - 10 ft + max qty connector sets?

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Mine should be the same as Jimmy’s not doubled. I understand how that could be confusing

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that works for me but if it makes it more complicated i don’t really need it

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lol I dumb sometimes

Sorry that was unclear but I also just wanted what jimmy wanted. I can take triple that though if easier

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Good according to me. Thanks for doing this.

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Last call. The four conductor stuff is finally in stock and I’ll be placing the order sometime later today.

I got impatient and ordered and ordered extra so HMU if you missed out.

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