Mini aero bars for you

I tried some Control Tech Falcons, decided that they weren’t the right shape for me. If you live in the US and want me to send you these (Falcon Mini Clip-On) here’s what you do:
donate $60 to Planned Parenthood or your local clinic access nonprofit, send me your address. I get to the post office probably within the next few days, and with the magic of modern logistics, you get to try some bars that may or may not be RUSA/ACP/UCI compliant.
I put some gaffer tape on them for grip, I will remove it and clean up any gunk before shipping.


How about I send $60 to PP and you keep the triathlon bars.


Counteroffer: you give pp some money, I send you my aero bars, you turn your Bullit into one of those freaky Euro racing cargo bikes


Was it shape/angle or length?


all of the above, really. I couldn’t find an angle that made it comfortable, and I have pretty long arms, so I wanted to reach past where the bars ended.

My sense is that if you wanted an aero position for tt or wanted an intermittent additional hand position on a road / gravel bike, this would work well.

I want something that lets me get into a comfortable and supported position for longer stretches, for me these bars didn’t do that.


make it $120 and he might just do it


I’m finding that with my silly little retro spinacis. If you really want to get comfy you need to be able to spread out I reckon.


Yeah, I’m kind of at a loss for what problem minis solve, besides sport governing body compliance


Yeah so much. It makes a big difference to rest upper body weight closer to the elbows.

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BITD when I used to do a lot of TTs I would do all of my riding on my TT bike and I was uber comfortable just relaxing onto my aeros. It was easily my most relaxed position on any bike I had.

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If it didn’t make for awful handling, I’d live on my aero bars

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I found aero bars position to be the one place where conscious thinking about counter steer helps. Otherwise it’s so hard to get leaned over at all


based on the level of interest I’m seeing here, I’ll also accept your donating $60 to PP or whoever and then I WON’T send you mini clip on aero bars

That’s right, I’m running the world’s weirdest protection racket

I don’t neeeeed the mini-bars, but I’m not going to let this shakedown continue!


now we’re talkin

pm me your address and you too can enjoy some weird bars that you probably can’t get to feel comfortable!