MKS chain tensioner and a Pista Concept

I just ordered some chain tensioners for benscycle for my pista concept. I got the larger ones for aluminum frames but they dont fit.
Its like the frame is slightly bigger than the tensioners.

Has anyone else had problems with this? Its a 2008 frame if that matters.

this was discussed recently… i have a pista concept & so does davebrochill… we both have the same tensioners that you have… with no problems but, someone else had your problem… i do know, for sure, that there’s a right-side up to them… try flipping them around… if that doesn’t work… file them out a bit.

Yeah, I guess thats my only option. The clearance difference is about 1mm or less. Filing them out is going to be… fun.

Yep, that’s so weird that the '08s seem to have thicker drop outs.

well I used some digital calipers and it seems as if the stainless steel dropouts are not bolted down tight enough. Or either the small layer of paint under them is just enough to throw off the tensioners. My hands hurt so bad from filing the tensioners down though. Ahh well!