Modding pedals for track

I hate doing standing starts on Time pedals but I really didn’t want to bother switching to a new pedal system… so I came up with my own solution. I learned this trick for Shimano pedals last year but I had to tweak a bit for Time…

Nice mod. Very similar to the SPD-SL modification. That must be a very locked in feel.


why did doing standing starts bother you?

I pull up on the pedals very hard and I can feel both the cleat lifting off the pedal a bit and the shoe stretching as well. This is a common and easy fix for both.

I’ve always wondered about how that works. I’ve seen similar setups watching things like the world championships and whatnot.

I did that to my spd-rs. It was easier though cause you just have to replace the tension screw with a slightly longer one.

Someone down here is machining really nice strap mounts for speedplays.

could’ve gone into the protip thread if assclowns hadn’t ruined it.