mogo scooters... roflmao

remember when that dude showed up on brianforums and made a thread that spiraled out of control about the new fad of “push bikes” i believe he called them?
i was amused last when as i watched the enhanced telecast of the tour. when the broadcast took a break from bob roll’s soothing voice and played some commercials i was shegrinned to see these mogo scooters! hahah hilarious. the commercial looks just as retarded as the guy did on the forums.


oh, and i haven’t been here for a while, so…

INFERNAL HAILZ TO THE ACCURSED TARCKBEAR, lord of the abyss, master of all that is unholy and involves disrupted trashcans. :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear:

They got a commercial during the Tour…? Holy shit someone in advertising dropped the ball.

there’s also an extremely anti-bike autozone commercial that airs nightly.

but i sure do love bob roll…

and can i have a tarckbike sticker?

I’m still amazed that those damn tri-scooter things are sold.

one of the local bike shops down here has one too.

First it shows some dude on a giant motorcycles and some dude on one of the fake giant motocycle bike getting blown away by him and looking sad.
Then someone biking to work in a suit looking miserable
then a soccer mom riding through the suburbs with her kids on the way to school all of whom unexlainably have their backpacks hanging from the handlebars rather than wearing them.
Finally it shows a family riding on a bike path looking happy and says something about how they understand what bikes are really for.

I’m no zealot and I can understand why biking as transportation isn’t always feasible but do they really think this is the best way to drum up business? Especially among people who are watching the tour at 10am.

That’s a fairly common theme in car commercials. Someone is sweating or struggling on their ride to work in inappropriate attire (like a business suit), when they suddenly realize that what they really need is a $18,000 Toyota or something.

If you ride to work, it’s because you either love biking and aren’t interested in a new car, or you are too poor to afford a new car, in which case the commercial is more or less irrelevant to you.

Anyway, that guy with his scooter thing was great. I remember asking the mods not to close the thread, because it was providing so much amusement, even if it was wildly off-topic.

People in my building when in the elevator with my bike first always ask “Do you ride to work?”. Then their second statement is usually, “Hey if you ever need a ride…”


Yes to this.

Oh and here’s the video.

[quote=“666pack”]there’s also an extremely anti-bike autozone commercial that airs nightly.

but i sure do love bob roll…

and can i have a tarckbike sticker?[/quote]
Too bad I’m going to AutoZone this afternoon to buy new struts.

As for the second part, send me a message with your address.