My $7 Rob Roy

My Rob Roy showed up today. Until I opened it I was pretty sure that $7 wasn’t going to get me a frame, but here it is. Pardon the poor photography, I am too tired to bother with a prettier picture.


Fenders for sure.

It just looks naked without em.

that’s quite a wheelbase, what size is that?

deal of the century?

who sold that to you for 7? no reserve auction?

It is a 60. IRO sold it to me on “customer appreciation day”.

I stumbled on it and thought it was a pricing mistake =/

Nice looking bike barba!
Fenders for sure. Silver sks ones.

so jealous…

damn, 7$ u can’t beat it.

wait you bought it at their gathering in penn.?

no, this was on their website.

what the fuck

Damn, you built that up quick! Looks nice.

website!! ahh the whole time i thought this was at their factory or whatever… damn.!

is that black? what color is it?

i can’t wait to get mine!

Hammered Honjos, dude.

Fenders yes. Velo Orange makes much cheaper honjo knockoffs if you want to go aluminum. You cant beat sks for that no frills utilitarian look though. PS I loathe you

IRO is a one man operation (or almost so) and sells frames it orders from some large taiwanese* factory in bulk. The website is the primary if not the only way to order from IRO.

  • too lazy to look up if it’s actually in Taiwan or elsewhere

Congrats, barba, it looks like you built a nice new bike for yourself out of that and you’re not one of the assholes who tried to snag two dozen frames and ebay them.

The color is a flat black. It looks like a powdercoat.

I have a fairly deep parts bin, so once I have a frame building a bike doesn’t take to long. I just wish I had some time to ride it. I hadn’t thought of metal fenders from VO (not sure why). It will have to wait until payday.

Edit: Snails. The frame doesn’t come with a binder for the seatpost. You may want to have some calipers handy.

i’m still pissed off i was too broke to get in on this. soooooo pissed off. i want a cross bike so bad i can taste it, and totally missed out on the cheapest production frame sale ever.


looks good barba. what wheels/hubs are those?