My continuing search or the perfect CX bike:

Still undecided on a CX bike but a new contender has entered. The GT GTR Type-CX. ... Race/#2614

It has everything I have been looking for in a CX bike. SRAM drivetrain, race geometry, Easton bars + wheelset, etc…

The picture on their site looks like the 07 model not the 08 which has the Easton SL wheelset and carbon fork.

Word on the street is stock it is ~20 lbs and can easily go under that.


Since GT lost most of its dealership post bankruptcy and being bought out the only place I can find one is mail order and I really want to try one before I drop $1600.

Anyone try one? See one? Have any opinions on them?

Doesn’t answer a single question of yours but…
how about a Jamis Supernova???

Pisses me off the dealer only imported 2 sizes for Japan and they are too small for me :colbert:

Ohh I do like the Jamis. There is a dealership around here but the bike is $250 more.

It is damn similar. If the geometries are the same on paper I might give one a test ride then buy the GT or just buy the Jamis.

Although the Jamis Nova Pro has rack mounts and fender mounts does that mean the Supernova does as well? The picture looks like maybe it does. Not essential for this bike but not a bad thing to have.

I don’t think it had eyelets

I don’t have an opinion on GT, looks nice for the $. I am glad to see that other Tarckies are into racing CX. I got my Ridley Crossbow frame in yesterday, can’t wait for fall!

The Scott cross bikes look nice, but they’re Shimano.

Is this going to be a race bike? If so why sram? I love rival on my road bike but wouldn’t consider it for cross. Too much shit gets broken and has to be replaced by the next weekend. Shimano and to a lesser extent campy parts are cheap and easy to find used plus they give you more leeway to hack stuff together.

That actually looks pretty sweet. I built my own cross bike from an Empella frame, but I’m using those same Easton wheels (actually FSA’s rebrand). They’re unreal. An entire cross season without truing, and there’s enough of a deep section to clear most of the mud and debris you run through. You can ride them with the Michelin Mud2’s at 30psi and not have a pinch-flat problem.

I have a distaste for Shimano and I run SRAM parts on my MTBs and love them. If I am not mistaken the brifters are the same ratio as the MTB parts so I could swap in a SRAM MTB 0.7 rd which are pretty cheap.

It all comes down to being able to make sure one will fit me properly. I’ve been calling GT dealerships listed on the GT page and they all say they are not dealerships.

According to sram they aren’t. But I haven’t tried and maybe there is an alternate routing that would make them so.

Thats a shame. Either way, I have been drinking the SRAM kool-aid since I started running their stuff on my MTB.

That and the ergo-ness of Shimano brifters hurts my hands big time.

There is always a campy/shimano mix. If I could afford it I would probably run sram though. Just make sure you have some spare cash to buy emergency parts during cross season.

According to Lennard Zinn, SRAM shifters should work with a Shimano drivetrain. That’s one way you can deal with the ergonomics and still keep it budget, though if you hate Shimano enough, that may not matter.

link? Sure you don’t mean campy shifters?

Oh, you’re right. I was confused.

Ya its just the shimano brifters that drive me nuts. This bike will be seeing a lot of riding not exclusive to CX so I’m trying to get exactly what I want there are just few bikes with large clearance, aggressive geometry and a non omg-my-hands-hate-me cockpit.

i like the looks of the jamis more than the gt.
i don’t like the carbon rear seat stays on the jamis.

go for broke and order the gt. you really can’t determine much from test rides, anyhow.

I am thinking of taking the plunge on the GT and just ordering it. Sizing is a bitch with their small medium large xl sizes and annoying geometry chart.

oh, and “gt gtr type-cx” makes the bike sound like some lame tuner car.

-1 for model name. the yellow/cream color scheme is a bit underwhelming, too. if it were black and cream only, it would look better.

still i vote gt.