my purple taf commuter. It's acutally happening.

so my dad has a purple univega 26" frame. combine plenty of parts at home, and an employee discount, it’s very financially do able. the frame is a couple of 1or 2 sizes too small so it makes for a perfect beater/polo bike.

44t sprocket on 175 cranks
16/20 out back with an old derailer to tension it. 16 for riding, 20 for polo
vertical drops so no fixed.

f/r v brakes
probably flat bar/riser
26" wheels from home with freehub and spacers to run 2 gears
fat whitewalls for summer
mtb tires for winter


just use a chain tensioner so it doesnt look like garbage. I have one that you can have. I also have a 16t single speed freehub sprocket you can have if you need it.

ok cool. how much do you want for it?

and i found waterbottle holders on the bottom of the downtube so a pedros wall mount bottle opener will be included

from my limited polo experience, i greatly prefer doing it fixed

but sounds like a good beater

they be friz. pm me your address.

pm sent

How are you going to line up the der with each cog? shifter? adjusting the limit screws each time?

hey wolf. does the tensioner move from side to side for 2 different cogs?

sorta like this

Having another bike to kick around on is never a bad idea, plus you can drag a friend when you got an extra bike

For the tensioner above, there is a pinch-bolt where the pully assembly arm (silver) attaches to the main body (black). It allows you to slide the axle to either side to adjust the chainline.

Derailers work better than any tensioner I’ve ever seen. They’re just better at adjusting themselves to the right tension. They can also help make up for less than perfect chainline, which you will necessarily have if you are using two cogs with one chainring. It might look like ass, but it’s a polo/beater bike anyway. And it’s not like tensioners look significantly better.

Or you could just run it as a 1x(7-8-?). Why go through the extra trouble just to limit your gearing choices?


i’d go for it. i really want a beater/drunk/brakeless deathtrap bike for this summer.

since i have what i need for the 16/20 gearing. i guess 7 speed cassette, der, and shifter will be something to save for.

If it has vertical drops, why not run it flip flop with a tensioner? Seems easier to maintain chainline?

checked my lbs. 7 speed shifter for $15. i’ll probably be able to get a 7 speed cassete for cheap and i know for sure i can get a 7 speed free hub rear wheel for $20. so that’s the plan. just need to get a pay check or sell some of my old shit first

found a 13-21 7 speed cassette at my house. i think i’m going to do a 1x7 set up. at this point, a 45t sprocket up front.

lol 13-21, racing cassette. well, kinda. i’d prob want something easier than 45x21, but whatever

43 would be perfect i think
but thats me