my Rob Roy...what should I do with it?

I’ve got this green Rob Roy from the BF group buy a couple of years ago…

Its currently built up as a FG/SS commuter with good solid brand name parts (Surly hubs, Mavic rims, DT spokes, Shimano 600 cranks, etc.), but since I bought a long Haul Trucker, this thing is just sitting here looking ugly and not getting ridden. (sorry for the mismatched chainring…it was cheap)

This bike is basically redundant…I have other bikes that can do the same job and more, so I was considering selling it, but I decided to keep it and transform it into something that is less redundant. I lack a true cyclocross bike, and I don’t really do any real cyclocross-type riding. So I’m thinking of making this a little more cyclocrossy so I could perhaps expand the types of riding I do. I would probably use it for some light offroading (fireroads), snow riding, occasional commuting, and other miscellaneous dicking around. I live near several dirt trails that I could actually add-on to a road ride and do sort of a 50-60 mile road-dirt combo ride. That would be a lot of fun.

Here’s my thoughts so far…

  1. get a new saddle - the one on it is broken
  2. gear it down with a smaller chainring
  3. put a carbon fork on it (to make it lighter, but I still need eyelets for fenders)
  4. install some cross tires
  5. build a new wheel with an internally geared hub (or maybe the new Sturmey Archer S3X hub).

I’ll take any suggestions regarding specific replacement parts for the above suggestions (particularly 3, 4, and 5).
And I’ll take any other suggestions or ideas that I could do with this bike.
As I noted above, this bike is currently redundant, so I need to do something to it to make worth riding.

Or maybe I should just sell this thing and buy something with gears.

what size is it?

[quote=mihlbach]blah blah blah…
I lack a true cyclocross bike
…blah blah[/quote]

57cm top tube…thats all that matters. I have no idea how long the seat tube is.

Actually, I just measured it…seat tube is 60cm c-t.

Basically this frame fits like a 58.

what is it c-c?

55 c-c. The top tube has a slight slope to it.

Like I said, the geometry is similar to most 58 frames.

Build it into a true 'cross bike? You’re most of the way there - just lose the fenders, cages, computer, get a durable-but-somewhat-light saddle, CX tires, smaller chainring (62 g.i.), 175/180mm cranks if you don’t have them already, and a carbon fork would be a good idea. Then train for next season by hitting the local trails. Here’s mine, before I put on the carbon fork and lighter front wheel:

eat it!

Has anyone tried to put a suspension fork on one of these things?

Gear down (losing the fugly chainring in the process), add some cross tires, replace the saddle with non-broken one.

Try it and see of you like it.

You’d want to lose the fenders for racing or any serious muck.

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