naccc 09 boston.

anyone doing it? i’m usually not about this stuff, but maybe i’ll finally give it a shot.

or maybe i won’t.

i’m biking down with a group of people



i should be able to go.

so ya wanna be a bike messenjar, n live large?

at this point i’ll probably stay in sf and pick up extra tags from people who go.

bump. starts friday.


i see what you did there

not me, see my previous post…

[quote=conor]bump. starts friday.


could probably go saturday


thanks a lot, i was happier not knowing that even existed.

I’ll be volunteering at the events all weekend.

sweeet deal. i was thinking of racing, maybe i’ll do one event. but now i think i might just volunteer.

meet up, anyone?

i was spose to bike there but my arm’s still broke

sounds like a cop-out to me.

totally down for meeting up with other non-cop-outs though.

i can go on saturday. where is it?

fuck. it was at harper’s ferry.

y’all are missing out.

Missed the party. Checkpointed today. Will prolly go tonight.