Who will attend?

I’ll be there. Might even race.

Me too.

Go HERE for details.

so i went to the website which let me to about which led me to shenanigans which led me to the flickr page which led me to this guy: ... 046516451/

stop posting

grow up.

that says alot, coming from me.

Whatever that was an awesome beard post. Good job thehappyrobot.

thanks buddy.



So there was so much stuff going-on at CMWC that I only got to compete half-ass and not in all the event I would have liked. This time I’m gonna try and be competitive! …and still get drunk quite a lot.

I just realized I’m gonna be in Colorado when this is going on.
Oh well.

Damn. I was really looking forward to crashing on your beer-soaked couch. Anyone else willing to take me in for a few nights?

i will.

and i don’t even live in chicago.

you should really just go to the NACCC website and email the housing people. they seem very committed to making sure no messenger goes without a place to stay.

Yeah… plane tickets are but much though… Plus I’d have to pay 100$ per way to bring my bike. I think I might just spend that money on a road gruppo for my gilfriend.

So, is anyone actually going? I think I’m going to register today.

Not me.

I’ll be around for sure. I will not be racing.