Neck Buffs: current neccessity

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Can you make one that has a skull mouth on it so when I pull it up over my fave it looks like I have a skull mouth?

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Why haven’t we done tarck buffs yet



But would consume

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Buff makes one like that already. I have one

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On sale I recently picked up one of the tapered merino Rapha necktubes and it immediately rendered my cylindrical “buff” brand necktubes obsolete. I dunno about ya’ll but I always had problems keeping merino necktubes from just slumping down from my face into a donut-shaped wad of nothing while riding. There was no shape or any sort of elastic properties on the top to keep them up. Now considering taking my existing cylindrical necktubes and making a pattern from the Rapha to taper them and add some sort of elastic around the top.