Need Help Identifying Crank-arm.

I can pick this up from a local bike junk collector guy for super cheap - except there is no non-drive arm, just the spider side, and I’m not totally sure what this is.

Looks like a Sugino Mighty, but the black parts on the spider are not cut-out?

Anybody know?

Thanks in advance.


if its 144bcd my guess is mighty or super mighty. seems mostly worthless unless you polish it, grind down the inner chainring mount things, and find a matching or similar arm on ebay, and make it trackish. or get 52 and 42 rings.

I see no inner chainring mount things… looks like it’s 'specially made to take singlering bolts, actually.

Yeah, gotta wear black mittens to keep the fingerprintz on the down low.


And yeah, there is no mount for a second chainring.

well look at dat

polish it, find a left arm, and sell it.

dont know what they are then, I dont know much sugino history, all I know is the illest of ill sugino track cranks are 151bcd.

Yeah, I might dig around another day and try to find the matching arm. These would look pretty sweet polished up nice.

I’ve got the matching arm. Check it out: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4551&p=177099&hilit=moving+sale#p177099

that thing is 151bcd.

Shouldn’t this one say Mighty as well? Strange!

those old sugino mighty’s and super mighty’s are so classy looking

Mine is from a road set.

Wonder if it’s the same arm length as jacques’ NDS arm. That’d be pretty funny/crappy if somebody ended up with both of them on a bike just to realize on the first ride that something feels a little strange.

I might be interested in taking that off your hands.

They both say 171… weird that his seems like 172 or whatever.

The sugino cranks I gave to tehtark said 171 also, but when measured they were 172.5.

buy 'em, ship 'em to me, I’ll polish 'em up.

I’ll pay you $1 more than whatever halbritt will pay :colbert:

I don’t want to keep them, I just want to polish them.

You actually enjoy polishing metals? What is wrong with you?