nerd stickers

I impulse ordered some extremely nerdy stickers about my favorite excel function

let me know if you want one


I love it/you.
(even though I’m more of an index(match())-er)

oh my fucking god yes PLEASE

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only cuz you aren’t used to xlookup yet!

edit: or your org is too cheap and/or arcane to step into o365 i or any particularly new version but i have no idea what version it’s included in

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I don’t know any of those functions but my favorite functions are if() and ttest()

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I’ve used it, it’s good, my muscle memory is just too strong


as a regular =if(isnumber(match(lookup value, lookup array,0)), value if true, value if false) user (because when you need to learn to do things and you have no real guidance, you figure out how to do things)- i understand. but xlookup is by far my favorite function

I’ve used xlookup to design targeted promotions that have made the co-op tens of thousands of dollars (at minimum)

I worship xlookup

These will come next week, I’ll keep a list of everyone who wants some and ship em out then, DM me yr address

Also: I “designed” the sticker in excel

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iferror() stan checking in

Xlookup has BUILT IN iferror functionality

But yeah iferror is one of the all time greats


Sadly, my datasets rarely require complexity beyond vlookip

Makes sense. I’m just futzing around in a co-op grocery store using techniques I made up


Is this a computers thing?

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Nope, Microsoft excel. You’re a babby data scientist until you’re writing in SQL or processing data using R. :wink:

(Really though a couple of excel functions and an eye for bullshit gets you a long way)

Also @Emor_please I’m in.

but it does vlookup things, only simpler and better. instead of counting columns you just put in ranges/arrays, your return array can be to the left of your lookup array, it defaults to exact match (though obv you can 1 or -1), and you can search top to bottom or bottom to top. or you can do hlookup with it. or index match stuff. it is superior to vlookup in every single way including being way easier and faster to use

Intriguing, I’ll have to mess around with it

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I love doing self-nested xlookups

While we’re talking excel, here’s the formula I’m most proud of:

It calculates the profit break even point of any promotion we do based on historic volumes and allows people to enter promo costs, etc. I’m sure it’s nothing special to the true masters, but I’m very proud of it. We used it to convince recalcitrant managers to embrace GO WILD DEEP DISCOUNTS instead of constantly worrying about margin to great effect.

It doesn’t use xlookups though :colbert:

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I just posted excel-based braggadocio

wtf is wrong with me. What happened

Was gonna say I was a vlookup fellow but this sounds intriguing.

superior in every way

courtesy of @JUGE_FREDD