New Englanders Unite

Anyone in the New England area want to get a mountain bike trail ride going on?

Myself and stiggywigget have been to the NEMBA vietnam trails and its a blast in there. He rocked it on a rigid single speed and I rocked it on a full suspension trail bike so its doable on all kinds of bikes.

I even have a spare single speed mountain bike if anyone is interested but mtb-less.

This is probably a long shot but I figured I’d try.

Haven’t been to Nam in about 14 years. Its a bit of a trip for you RI Guys?

30 minutes on 495 for me.

Well worth it although I am always looking for new places to ride so I’ll ride anywhere.

I’m going to be at Nam tomorrow after work with some buds. Were supposed to meet at 5:30 behind Wendy’s But I Plan on getting there early to do a little preride

Tarckish riders come on down…or up

Oh man, I wish I could go. I podcast on thursdays. If I wasn’t already busy I’d so be there.

You guys bring lights? How long do you ride?

I know those guys do night missions down there but its a bit of a haul for me. I’m bringing lights cuz I know these guys and will be racing the sun out of the woods.

The group rides all over eastern and central Mass. Wompatuck, Foxboro, Big River, Borderland, Lynn Woods, Fells, Singletary, Harold Parker, Lowell/Dracut. etc.

Most of the time I say up here in the Merrimack Vally (Lowell/Dracut, Harold Parker, AVIS land, and the sections of the Bay Circuit with all of its side trials up this way)

Most rides 2 to 4 hours. Later in the season we do some epic all day rides. Good training for the VT 50.

Tomorrow night I’m bringing the hardtail I’m racing at Burlingame.

I’ll try and keep you posted when I’m riding points south…


Saturday we are hitting up Burlingame for some riding.

How many gear inches on your hardtail (its SS right?) that you plan on racing at burlingame?

No,No, Noooooooooo! I’m riding the geared hardtail tomorrow and at Burlingame. I’ll Be riding the Fixed Faux TI bike at Singlespeedapalooza with 46"

Have you decided on what your going to run for the race? How about if you ride this Saturday with a whip, cassette tool and some cogs to see what works best for you?

It’s 90% flat down there so I’d tend to go on the high side. Most of the course drains well but I do remember some boggy sections…

While your down there you might run into Lennon

He’s the dude on the left. He rides a blinged out 17lb SS with a front shock. The first time I went down there for a preride I ran into him and he gave a us a tour. He’s one of the good guys.

I think I’ve me him before. We were down there on the last day of hunting season and he loaned the lot of us reflective vests. Need to find him at the race and return those vests.

Ya I’ll bring a handful of cogs and switch around on sat doing just laps of the yellow dot trail.

“We were down there on the last day of hunting season and he loaned the lot of us reflective vests”

Good looking out!

Reading this and the fact That I’m seeing the white tails of deer waving like white flags almost every ride this month has me thinking a should not be wearing a white helmet out in the woods.

Might be a good way to get my head mounted on a poachers wall…

you guys ride cape ann much? or at all?

The kid who used to work for me rides out that way. I still ride with him regularly and he wants to act as tour guide up there. I’ll be there soon.

Your the Gloucester dude! Did not recognize you with the new screen name…

You, need a trail bike! Whats going on?

im still saving for something trailworthy that i hopefully wont destroy. ive been wanting to get out there so bad but its still a tough choice between that and a cross bike.

I’m in NW Connecticut. Hit me up if you’re doing anything I could handle on a cross bike in western MA, or CT.

I don’t know shit about mountain biking.

SV, Would you be doing D2R2 in Deerfield MA? I’m doing it with a triple equipped cross bike. The 60k is all I need.

Edit: I’m doing the 100k

The 100K is supposed to be an ass kicker. The 100 mile sounds like a death march. I live/work near Deerfield, so let me know if you want to grab a pint at the Book Mill afterward to ease your pain.

The hills on that sound pretty insane. It would be nice to commit tho, and force myself to get in shape. I’ll see what my finances are looking like at the end of May.

Last year there were tiny yellowish-green flags for the 100K, and tiny greenish-yellow flags for the 100 mile. They all blended quite nicely with the tall grass on the side of the road. I only got lost twice, and ended up doing a 30 mile loop that I didn’t have to! That day provided me with the most pain and suffering I have ever experienced on a bicycle… Can’t wait for this year!

Barba, last year I couldn’t hold a pint glass afterwards. I may be in better shape this year, so I may take you up on that.

I’m going to be in Ipswich (North shore Massachusetts) this summer. I don’t know anything about Mountain Biking but I would totally love to try it

Ipswich is all about the clams! Crane beach is all about the sandbar… I hear about some great riding in that area. Give a shout when you get there and maybe we can hook you up with a bike for the day to get your feet wet.

AN epic ride from Tewksbury to Ipswich on the Bay Circuit Trail is in the planing stage around the solstice.

I’ve rode from the Lowell/Tewksbury line through to Boxford in 5 hours Its 70% single tarck, some fire road and a little road riding. When things dry out later in the spring I’m going to explore east of Boxford.