New & Interesting Bike Campenaerts

I wonder how Paul would feel about the fact that I cut up and used every square cm of the instruction card that came with a set of thumbies as filter papers for joints.


Ok I finally did enough rides on my new bike that I feel like I can review this saddle. Even the knock-off really does disappear under my butt. I’ve never found a bike saddle that I felt like I wanted to hoard because it worked, but this one is close. Long-term durability is still unknown.

One thing that I did become aware of after riding my short travel mtb down my local longer travel mtb track is that the knock-off saddle has a plastic lip protruding from the underside that destroyed my right thigh as I underbiked my way down the rough stuff. Click the spoiler tag if you want to see a gruesome photo of that.

Kinda gross photo that I can't resist sharing

I’m not sure how yet, but I clearly have to try to put some padding on the plastic lip. Or find a good deal on the Specialized version of this saddle as it does not appear to have the stupid protruding plastic. Note it was only yesterday as I dealt with some particular challenges that I was apparently gripping my saddle for dear life with my thigh.

edit: looks like the Specialized saddles have this lip too, but it looks less pronounced:


there’s a newer/cheaper version of the specialized mirror that I bought but haven’t tried yet:

oh interesting!!

If this one cracks or if I can’t solve the carbon fiber thigh hair razor issue, then I will def try this.

is your issue the sharp top edge of the rigid plastic platform that the padded top connects to? vs on a traditional saddle where the cover often wraps completely around the frame to the underside

Yeah, you can see it is a lot more pronounced on the bootleg saddle.

yeah, and if it’s actually carbon as the photos imply, it might be ill advised to sand/shape it smooth. I like how the off brand has the open 3d matrix like the higher end S model though

it doesn’t stick out at all on the $400 specialized saddles

$450 saddle.

Guess Power Pro is /only/ $325

Is that a laser DAG-2?

there is a write up on reddit fwiw from a guy who tried it and wasn’t terribly impressed. too fiddley and it isn’t for hanger tweaking it’s for checking chain line. I would love to see the tune instructions but wasn’t able to track them down

Just buy the Abbey HAG, cry over the wallet fire, then go on with your life and enjoy every time you get to use it.


Why is the abbey HAG so much better than the park or other less expensive ones?


Ease of use, precision, and how smooth it is to operate. So, still a bit of a flex to have one, but they are really, really nice.


One can get by with the cheaper ones, but the HAG is glorious to use, more precise, has less slop, stores more compact, and the measurement itself is easier to manipulate.

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it’s more that the classic Park DAG design is a piece of shit, and cheap chinese clones of Park tools are often improved with tighter tolerances

there’s chinese versions of the Abbey design in aluminum without the telescoping swivel for lighter duty use

doesn’t come in green?!

I have the ZTTO version of this. It’s perfectly fine for home use I’d say and so compact! though I’d want something better if it was for professional use.