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Excellent news for the 26", 650c, and 650b rim brake dead-enders in my household.


Mine were Aeroheads. Not sure if they are still a thing.

do they still make the a23? that is the source of most of my woes with velocity.
there was the issue of the not-clearly-marked tubeless transition that lead to some rather unpleasant blowoffs at my old shop, and some extreme (by tubeless standards) tension drop issues
in that same time period i wrecked a rim by getting crashed out in a way that nobody landed on my rim but somehow a low speed low side wrecked a rim. this was all almost a decade ago though

I’ve got 10k km on a set of tubeless a23s with zero dramas. Maybe it’s just the luck of the draw.


There’s a trials guy who runs those with no issue. If it were to go wrong, seems like it would be then.

Rhynolite rims are very good, and cheap, is tubeless compatible the reason I’d upgrade to cliffs?

Yes. Build quality on the current cliffhanger is probably peak Velocity. Tubeless setup is really good and if you’re using rim brakes the machining is really well done.

One of my folks has a set we built for his vintage Stumpy and they are working our great.

Somewhat regretting using A23 on the Tachyon.

If they were 29", they would sell tens!